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       Goroimari is one of the rural Development Blocks situated under Kamrup District, Assam. There are about 70 revenue villages under Goroimari Development Block of which 30 revenue villages belong to Char (River Island) area of the mighty river Brahmaputra. (As per the definition of the Government of Assam, Char means river island of Brahmaputra. There are two categories of Char. The first category, char is a sandy land area extended from Sadiya to Dhubri surrounded by water bodies where people can live and cultivate. Second category, char is either sides of the river extended up to nearby embankments where people can live and cultivate and seasonally affected by flood).

       Total geographical area of Goroimari is 13934 Bigha 3 Katha 05 Lessa is about 1,863.83 Ha. As per Population Census 2011, total population of Goroimari was 134,387 of which 68,426 were males while 65,961 females. The average sex ratio of Goroimari Circle was 964. However, average literacy rate of Goroimari area was 39.1% with 44.97% male and 32.99 female.

       Goroimari Area is generally dominated by religious minority Muslim people constituting as much as 93.31%. Majority of the population belong to BPL families whose main occupation is agriculture. About 80% of the population of Goroimari is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture whose way of living is very poor. The people who are dwelling in Char (Island of river Brahmaputra) areas having a peculiar type of living. The area is detached from mainland where hand boat is the only way of communication. The chars are of quite temporary in nature frequently eroded and damaged by recurring flood. Therefore, economic condition of the 30 revenue villages of Goroimari Development Block are very pathetic.

       The area is rich in agriculture. Both Rabi and Kharif crops are produced here. Especially the area is well-known for its vegetables as well as fish production supplied to headquarter of the state and other places.

       F.A. Ahmed College, Garoimari is located on the south bank of river Brahmaputra just 2-3 K.M. away from the river. This is the only higher educational institution imparting education since its inception. Majority of the students of the College are coming from locality. A portion of students are coming from Char areas who are economically poor and are to cope up with situation. Of course, at present, the mainland part of Goroimari is developing in transport and communication. There is well connection with NH 37 to Goroimari and Guwahati City too.


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